About Capital Wealth Partners

featured-1“A good wealth manager saves you time and looks at everything that impacts your net worth”

Investment management is the process of managing financial assets like stocks, bonds, cash and mutual funds in order to achieve a specific goal like retirement or university funding. Wealth management expands the focus considerably by looking at virtually everything that impacts an individual’s net worth: a privately-held business, personal residence, holiday home, insurance, loans, taxes, the needs of beneficiaries and so on.

Many of our clients at Capital Wealth Partners simply don’t have the time to handle the tremendous number of details that diligent wealth management requires. If you are already working 50 hours a week, how much time can you spend considering how assets are performing, or whether there are methods of transferring tax burdens to family members in lower brackets, or whether there’s too much risk in an investment portfolio?

That’s why our team of exerts are continually working along side industry leaders to make sure your wealth is managed in the most effective and profitable way, leaving you free to focus on expanding your business, further your career or spend more time with your family.

We regularly work with our client’s current accountants and tax advisors to form the link between tax efficient income and successful wealth management and will be more than happy to work with them to form a powerful team that will create a holistic solution to your finances and wealth management.

Capital Wealth Partners Limited is a company registered in England and Wales and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.