Enterprise Consultancy

imagesOwning your own company is becoming more and more popular in the entrepreneurial world we live in and is playing an essential role in the growth of our economy. The government realise this and to help encourage investment into new and expanding business they are willing to offer some unique tax incentives for investors wishing to do so.

In order to help our clients maximise these reliefs and give their businesses to best chance of success we regularly provide Enterprise Consultancy on the best way to both fund and raise investment for new ventures. Our team work with some of the leading tax experts in the country to create a strategy that not only provides tax relief, but also provides access to funding opportunities from private investors worldwide.

Some of the unique government schemes that can provide tax relief for unlisted companies are Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). These schemes provide:

  • Relief of 50% or 30% against income tax
  • Capital gains deferral
  • Inheritance tax free after two years
  • Loss relief against income tax

These schemes raise over £1 billion a year for companies that qualify and are helping to provide essential seed capital where it is needed, giving small and expanding companies the best chance of success right from the start.

If you are thinking of setting up and new company or funding further expansion in your current business then get in touch with us and find out how you can also benefit from some of the tax reliefs that may be available to you. There is no charge to explore the possibilities and we are happy to talk through ideas confidentially at any stage in the development.

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