Lifetime Allowance

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Pension Lifetime Allowance

Bluefin-InvestorsWith the average life expectancy improving every year it seems crazy that the government wants to limit the amount we can save into pensions, however even so, pensions seem to be an easy target when it comes to trying to balance the budget so the lifetime allowance continues its free fall.

Pending changes

April 2016 saw the lifetime allowance reduced to just £1 million, the lowest since its introduction in 2006. It is estimated to have affected over 460,000 high-value pension savers and draw them closer to the 55% tax charge that will be applied to any pension savings over the new lifetime allowance.

From 2018 the lifetime allowance has been indexed linked to CPI. In 2018 this was 3% which has now increased the lifetime allowance to £1,030,000 in the 18/19 tax year.

Pension Protection

Applying for protection may be a partial solution, however this should be considered as part of a wider strategy that may allow you to utilise the lifetime allowances of family members as well as your own, resulting in a much more tax-efficient solution.

Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that limiting the annual contributions you make is the best way to manage your lifetime allowance and this has led to many investors losing out in the long term, however, there are some much better solutions available for investors who apply the right strategy. (Download a complimentary copy of ‘Lifetime allowance pension guide’ now by following this link)

So whats the solution?

To help introduce you to some of the possibilities that are available to you we have prepared our ‘Guide to Lifetime Allowances’ and it is free to download. Some of these strategies have saved our clients over a million pounds in tax over the lifetime of their pensions.

The guide will take a closer look at:

  • How you can protect your pension lifetime allowance and more importantly what type of protection you need to apply for.
  • An in-depth look at one of the best kept secrets in pension planning for high-income pensions.
  • Selecting the right option when leaving your pension in your will.
  • To find out how you can benefit from these types of tax wrappers download our complimentary guide now by providing us with your details and we will be happy to email a copy to you.

To receive your complimentary copy straight away either click on the download image on the right or follow this link – Download Now

At Capital Wealth Partners we operate an open information policy. This means that we are happy to talk through the various options with you without charge and on a no-obligation basis either over the phone or face to face.

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Looking for a low-cost way to understand your pension lifetime allowance issues without receiving advice?

Lifetime allowance coach is a new service we are offering. It gives you access to an FCA regulated financial adviser who specialises in the pension lifetime allowance, without the need to use our firm as your financial adviser. Find out more on our Lifetime Allowance Coach Page.

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